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9/11 Anniversary, Reflections and Rest, Cupcakes and Chat

I lost a cousin, George Smith, in the 9/11 attacks in 2003.  Although we were not close, we were kin.   My father had 11 siblings, so I have a lot of cousins.   The anniversary of 9/11 is thus for me a time of reflection, a time to slow down and think.  I trust […]

Class of 2018 Party at Country Music Hall of Fame, 8-11 PM, Tonight

Commons RAs and Student VUceptors invite you, your classmates, and Faculty Heads of House to celebrate the end of CommonVU and your arrival at Vanderbilt.  Downtown Nashville, Country Music Hall of Fame, 8-11 PM.  Ask your RA about schedule for bus transportation.  Dress up and celebrate!

Commons Club – Final Mix-Up Event, Friday, April 18th from 11pm-1:30am in the MPR

Service Hours Must be Logged by 11:59PM tonight for The Commons Cup!

Have you been meaning to submit your service hours all year but just haven’t gotten around to it? Log your service hours before 11:59 pm on Monday, April 7, to have them counted in the Commons Cup! If you’ve already done the service, why not help your House win the Cup? To Log Your Hours: […]


Convert your side into meal for the hungry at The Commons now through December 12, 2014. Sides will be converted to a donation to Second Harvest Food Bank.

Three Matinees

Course Description Theatre aficionados and those students just wanting to try something new will digest theatre in Nashville. Students need to have no prior exposure to or study of theatre but a lively curiosity and willingness to engage in conversation is encouraged. In the discussion period before each production, the professor will provide a short […]

Katrina at 10 Years

Course Description Was the disaster of Hurricane Katrina, now almost ten years in our collective past, natural or man-made? Hurricane watchers tracked the natural phenomenon from the southern Atlantic, across Florida, into the Gulf, and finally to landfall on the Gulf Coast. In retrospect, the meteorological part seems easy. It is the man-made disaster of […]

Living in a Glass House

Course Description NO SCIENCE BACKGROUND REQUIRED LIVING IN A GLASS HOUSE is a collaborative learning experiment involving students and faculty from various departments and disciplines across Vanderbilt. LIVING IN A GLASS HOUSE will explore our relationship to matter across the length scales by examining lessons from organisms that live in their own glass houses. These […]

Saving the World Through Zoning and Land Use Regulations

Why are some cities so much more walkable and bikeable than other cities? It doesn?t happen by chance. Sprawl development, low-density housing, segregation of land uses, and car-dependent development patterns have a number of negative effects on the environment: Increased greenhouse gasses, loss of productive farmland, destruction of woodlands and wildlife habitat, and increased storm […]

Power to the People: Community Organizing in Nashville

President Barack Obama got his start with community organizing, which is, in his words, "the art of mobilizing people at the grassroots level to bring about change." This seminar will take a sociological approach to understanding community organizing, with a focus on immigrant groups in Metro Nashville. We will connect with community organizing efforts currently […]