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Congratulations and Welcome to the first members of the Class of 2017

Posted by Frank Wcislo, Dean of the Martha Rivers Ingram Commons on December 20th, 2012 at 4:28 pm

Congratulations on your early admission to Vanderbilt University’s Class of 2017! Your willingness to join our university and contribute your excellence to us promises much for Vanderbilt’s future.

I also look forward to welcoming you next August to The Martha Rivers Ingram Commons, Vanderbilt’s first-year living and learning community. The Ingram Commons will provide you a foundation for your academic studies and your community life here at Vanderbilt. Whether you are joining the Blair School of Music, the College of Arts and Science, Peabody College, or the School of Engineering, you will live together with your Vanderbilt first-year classmates in one of the ten Houses on The Ingram Commons. Together with residential faculty, students, and staff, you will encounter multiple opportunities to learn while you live - and live while you learn. Engineer or poet, musician or future physician, finance major or historian, teacher or psychologist, studio artist or classics major, undecided or unsure, we want you to excel and and contribute to Vanderbilt. We want you to fulfill your dreams and discover new ones. My colleagues and I look forward to meeting you next year. Welcome to Vanderbilt.

Frank Wcislo
Associate Professor of History
Dean of The Ingram Commons

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