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Be a Faculty VUceptor — Fall 2014

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Application Process

Applications are due by January 31, 2014. If you see this message after the deadline, be sure to contact Assistant Dean Nina Warnke at . We usually have a few open spots past the deadline.


All Vanderbilt faculty and staff who hold a faculty appointment are eligible. Over the past eight years some 300 faculty members of all ranks, representing the four undergraduate schools and colleges as well as the professional schools, have become VUceptors. 100 faculty members have been VUceptors three or more times. For last year's list of Faculty and Student VUceptors, please click here.

Faculty VUceptor stipends

Faculty VUceptors will receive $2,500 either as a research fund or as a salary supplement at the end of the fall semester.

Time commitments for Faculty VUceptors

Faculty VUceptors must be able to make the following time commitments and agree to participate in these activities:


  • Vanderbilt Visions Spring Orientation: Joint attendance with Student VUceptor partner on ONE of the following evenings: April 1, 7, or 9, 2014 (tentatively 5:00–8:30pm).

August, before classes begin

  • complete several online training and information modules
  • Joint VUceptor Training: Thursday, August 14
  • Dinner for VUceptors and their international VUceptees, Thursday, August 14, 5:30-7:00pm
  • CommonVU Week/First-Year Student Orientation (August 18–24, up to 7 hours):
    • August 17 (Sunday mid-day): first group meeting
    • August 18 (Monday evening): Honor Code Signing and discussion
    • August 20 (Wednesday evening) or August 21 (Thursday evening): True Life presentation and discussion.

Fall semester

  • 12 weekly hour-long Visions sessions through Thanksgiving break. Average time required: weekly one-hour meeting; face-to-face joint one hour of prep time.
  • Faculty meets once with all students individually or in small groups outside Visions meetings.

Faculty and Student VUceptor Pairs

Student VUceptors are recruited by the student organization VUcept from all four undergraduate schools and colleges. Last year close to 350 students applied for 92 positions. Student and Faculty VUceptor teams are paired based on Visions experience, school, gender, and schedule. Past VUceptor pairs can request to continue as a team, but are not guaranteed reassignment.

For information about expectations and the application process for the Student VUceptor, click here.

Student & Faculty VUceptor teams

VUceptors will be paired based on Visions experience, school, gender, and schedule. We seek to create cross-school VUceptor teams that pair a returning with a new VUceptor. (However, current VUceptor pairs will be able to request to continue as a team in the following year.)

Please note that Student VUceptors will be conditionally accepted into the program, provided they meet the minimum GPA requirement of 3.0 at the end of the spring semester prior to formally entering the program and that they meet appropriate university student conduct standards.

Vanderbilt Visions time slots

Vanderbilt Visions groups are scheduled for weekly hour-long meetings. Sessions will be held in The Commons seminar rooms on Mondays and Tuesdays between 1pm and 9pm. In the spring, VUceptors will be asked to indicate their preferred times. We will make every effort to accommodate your joint preferred choice.


If you have any questions, please contact Nina Warnke, Assistant Dean of the Ingram Commons at .

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Thank you very much for your interest in becoming a Faculty VUceptor.