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Preparing the Class of 2017 for College: What It Was, Is, and Should Be

Join faculty and upperclass students in a discussion of Andrew Delbanco, College: What It Was, Is, and Should Be (Princeton University Press, 2012). This book will be the required Commons Reading for all first-year students in the Class of 2017. As a current first-year student, how do you frame Delbanco's positions on the purposes of […]

Class of 2017 Commons Reading

For the Class of 2017 Commons Reading, the Faculty Heads of House and the Dean of The Ingram Commons have chosen College: What It Was, Is, and Should Be by Andrew Delbanco. The book was mailed to all rising first-year students in early June, to be read over the summer and discussed throughout the 2013–14 academic year. […]

Class of 2017

Murray Memos Issue 17

Three Matinees

Course Description Theatre aficionados and those students just wanting to try something new will digest theatre in Nashville. Students need have no prior exposure to or study of theatre but a lively curiosity and willingness to engage in conversation is encouraged. In the discussion period before each event, the professor will provide a short introduction […]

How Does Government Investment in Science Pay Dividends?

The Federal investment in basic science, engineering and medical research is estimated to account for more than half of the nation?s economic growth during the six decades since World War II. Yet with the Federal government?s looming deficit crisis, future investments in this area are in jeopardy, with some in the House and the Senate […]

Predicting Political Structures for the 21st Century

Worldwide, countries are experiencing wide-spread disillusionment with politics from their constituents and the distance between citizens and government is widening. This can be noted as participation rates in national elections are falling, and new parties and movements are forming, such as the Pirate Party in Germany, the Five Star Movement in Italy, the ?Arab Spring? […]

North HAC Meeting, October 7

North House HAC Meeting: Tuesday, October 7 I. Welcome A. PBarz shares: Thursday- Special Northern Exposure due to Commodore Quake. B. Sam shares: Even though fall break is coming up, we’re still gearing up for the Commons Mix Up! II. Concerns/Improvements A. Kitchen/Noise/Lobby/Seminar Room: “Respect the House” Campaign B. Floor Reps Report: About half of […]

Thinking about resumes, internships, and how to get started?

Come visit the Center for Student Professional Development in The Commons Center! The Center offers walk-in sessions daily. Use this 20-minute session to discover resources, have your resume or cover letter critiqued, learn about LinkedIn, or explore next steps. You do not need to have a plan to come see us. We can help you determine […]

Which professional industries are you exploring? Are you looking for opportunities and ways to get connected?

The Center for Student Professional Development is ready to help you answer these questions and more. We are committed to helping students develop their professional capabilities, define their identities and build resilience as they prepare for employment in a rapidly changing world. Learn more about how we can serve you by connecting with us through […]