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“I Think They Think:” the Effect of Group Norms on Bystander Behavior Form

Class of 2018 Party at Country Music Hall of Fame, 8-11 PM, Tonight

Commons RAs and Student VUceptors invite you, your classmates, and Faculty Heads of House to celebrate the end of CommonVU and your arrival at Vanderbilt.  Downtown Nashville, Country Music Hall of Fame, 8-11 PM.  Ask your RA about schedule for bus transportation.  Dress up and celebrate!

Rebecca Chong

I grew up in Kingston, Jamaica, but now I live in Orlando, Florida. I know, two of the coolest places in the world… how did I get so lucky!? Well, my dad is Jamaican, and then I guess we just wanted to be closer to Disney World and The Wizarding World of Harry Potter. I’m […]

Dean’s Book Club: Bonsai

When: March 12, 2014 @ 3:30 pm – 4:30 pm
Where: The Dean’s Residence

Join the Dean’s Book Club for a discussion of Bonsai, a novel by Alejandro Zambra. Bonsai has been hailed as “A delightful work. A love story that’s both wry and melancholy…Zambra is indeed the herald of a new[...]


Carter Lawrence Elementary School Pencil Projects Programs and Volunteer Opportunities: Recruits students to tutor consistently one hour per week throughout each semester. Students make a commitment to work with the same child every week and are able to get to know them and see their progress through the year. Carpools are organized by Pencil Projects. […]

Vanderbilt Visions

Vanderbilt Visions is a key component of the educational program in The Ingram Commons. Visions encourages first-year undergraduates to be empowered and responsible members of the Vanderbilt University community. It is a university core program that meets during the first semester, beginning with CommonVU orientation and meeting weekly until Thanksgiving break. All first-year students are assigned to […]

A New Blog Posting from PBarz (inspired by a student)

Gregory Melchor-Barz, Faculty Head of North House on 4/29 at 10:33 am  

CLC March 26th Minutes

1. Talk from Tanner • “Most exciting group of freshman student’s I have seen” • I encourage all of you to reach out to the underclassmen within VSG and engage in the opportunities that are available to you • Sunday 2-5, send an email, willing to talk about VSG HAC REPORTS  Hank House o […]